10 Funny Things About Being a Bodybuilder
A list of the funny things that happen to bodybuilders, such as inflated ego, serious men, and the use of steroids.

Bodybuilding is not just about being big and muscular. It’s also about having a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re in the wrong sport! Here are 10 funny things that happen to bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice. The physical demands of the sport require an individual to be highly motivated and disciplined in order to succeed.

. My biceps are so big that I can’t reach my nose or ears with my hands.

1- I know all the hot girls want me.
2- My bed is filled with protein shakes.
3- I can usually go into a bar and order only at the end of the night.
4- I’m constantly flexing my biceps to show people how big they are.
5- I love to count my calories.
6- I’m always eating chicken breast, fish, or steak.
7- It’s hard

  1. The bench press, squat, and deadlift are all pretty simple exercises. They’re staples of the gym. Originally bench pressing was called benching your chicken because it would cause you to bench press more than your chicken weighed, thus making it hilarious for onlookers.
  2. If you bench with bad form, it’s okay because they don’t make t shirts that say I bench with good form on them,.
  3. Isometric exercise is exactly what

Bodybuilders are people who lift weights in an attempt to increase muscle mass. Bodybuilding is a competitive sport, and the sport’s athletes perform poses and shows for an audience to judge their physique. Bodybuilders want to build muscles that appear large and defined under the skin, which can take years of training and dieting.


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