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Contents: Testosterone Base 
Strength: 100 mg/ml
Volume: 10 ml


Aquates (Testosterone Suspension Base UPS)

Aquatest – is a form of steroid injection. It is a free active testosterone in the water-based. According to the properties belongs to a very strong anabolic and androgenic steroids (activity index is 100% of endogenous testosterone) with a quick, but short-acting.

The water-soluble testosterone was actually the first injectable steroid, widely used in medical applications for rapid effect in hormone replacement therapy for men.

Unlike other species has not testosterone ester residue. This feature of the chemical formula and good solubility in water allow Testosterone Suspension  almost instantly get results. His ethers would take weeks to obtain a similar effect.

Testosterone Suspension – the most popular form of injectable testosterone in men and athletes. The advantage of the steroid is a rapid elimination from the body. The following day, it is practically not detected in the blood. You can pass a drug test with no problems.

Such topical steroid for most sports where the need increased physical activity, including bodybuilding. The course allows you to quickly gain muscle mass, increase strength gains, performance and endurance. Injections can be effectively applied in the preparation for a competition. No significant loss of muscle mass after the course is not observed.

AQUATEST – is love of bodybuilders, because it is one of the best types of testosterone. It allows you to quickly increase muscle mass, increase in power capacity and times not to be seen in the use of doping. It not only improves the efficiency of the training process, but also the desire to do it. Perfect in a shortened cycle.

For the application of the drug can be recommended for athletes training for various levels – from amateur to professional sports. Women are not recommended due to the high androgenic activity.

Side effects:

The suspension of testosterone along with high activity has a number of side effects, particularly painful injection. Also holds the liquid, increases body fat, increases blood pressure. Long-term use and large doses lead to a decrease in production of testosterone and have a toxic effect on the liver.


Dosages of Aquatest are 50-100 mg per day. In addition in most cases gives spectacular results. The short duration requires daily use. For injection of 50 mg, 0.5 ml ampoules required for 100 mg – 1 ml, respectively. To avoid undesirable local effects (seals) injection to do in a new place. Before injection vial of suspension must be shaken carefully without the foam.

Aquatest can give good results in mono reception. For better weight gain need to be combined with other products, it goes well with almost any drug. For a set of muscle mass combined with Nandrolone and Equipoise.

Best results are seen after 5-6 weeks of use. At long courses required gonadotropin connection. Testosterone suspension is easily converted into estrogen, so the first day of admission Aquatest need to include anti-estrogens.

The drug is stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature not higher than room temperature. Aquatest in Canada offers a proven supplier of famous Teragon Labs.


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