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Contents: Stanozolol 
Strength: 5 mg
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Azolol (Stanozolol 5mg)

Azolol” (stanozolol) – a steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone with a pronounced anabolic effect and minimal androgenic activity. He gained popularity that is able to enhance the effect of other anabolic steroids, because it inhibits the activity of progesterone, as its antagonist.

Stanozolol is the second most widely used steroid in Canada, first in popularity only Dianabol (methandrostenolone). Compared with testosterone, this drug is more than twice as active as anabolic and less than a third as active androgen.

Azolol causes the production of building proteins, activates enzymes, enhances tissue respiration. It improves tissue trophism promotes calcium deposition in bones, retards sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen. It improves the hematopoietic system by synthetic erythropoietin.

Stanozolol Initially used in medicine for the treatment of anemia, recuperate after serious illness and operations. Until now widely used in veterinary medicine for increasing endurance of horses. It helps to recover weakened and sick animals.

Azolol – a multi-purpose drug. Highly regarded among bodybuilders and professional athletes. It is used in boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, track and weightlifting, and many others, especially high-speed sports.

It is one of the safest drugs for women in power sports, because it has a low androgenic activity.

Admission of stanozolol leads to moderate muscle gain, with a strong emphasis on relief and stiffness of muscles, enhances the image of the venous network.


For bodybuilders who want to reduce body weight only, and get a beautiful beach figure, only one of stanozolol in a dose of 6 mg per day. Newcomers better to start with Boldenone, Masteron, Primobolan.

Azolol – the perfect solution for bodybuilding professionals. Competent combination can work wonders. For combined course is ideal testosterone propionate, trenbolone, Anadrol. Such an approach would balance the course create a good anabolic effect, reduce the estrogenic effect of other drugs that reduce the risk of side effects, keep the joints. As a result, we obtain the “dry” set of muscle mass with the correct distribution of water and fat. This policy is much more effective than high doses of testosterone.

Stanozolol is an ideal drug in preparation for a competition in bodybuilding especially when combined with trenbolone. Bunch Azolol and Testosterone propionate makes it easier to overcome the abolition of the long-acting steroids.

Quality muscle mass on Azolole remains almost completely after a course due to the fact that there is a set of “dry” muscle mass without water. The drug does not aromatize into estrogen, it does not cause gynecomastia and edema.

 Stanozolol has a short effect, so need frequent reception. For women, the daily dose is 4 mg (2 mg twice a day). With good tolerance dose can be increased up to 6 mg.

To improve and enhance the body strength often use 5-10 mg daily for 4-6 weeks.

Stanozolol alkylated drug, so high doses exhibits hepatotoxicity, pain in the large joints and ligament damage. This eliminates the undesirable consequence joint reception with testosterone propionate.

Anabolic “Azolol” in Canada by British Dispensary (as a producer). In his capacity as there is no doubt.

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    I agree with previous reviewer, it is one of the best products. I’ve ordered it here, and received it in one week, which is not bad bcs i live in BC. The quality of product left me without any questions. If you wanna get fast results azolol is he product for you. Cheers…

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      Thanks. Almost every client says that Azolol gives even more results then expected.

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