Adrenosterone 50MG

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Contents: Adrenosterone 
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Adrenosterone  50MG

Adrenosterone – is a popular steroid prohormone. It is the drug of choice for beginners, because it has a low risk of side effects. In the case of their occurrence they are harmless and reversible.

In the body it is converted into an 11-ketotestosteron, by which the effect is realized. Exhibits mild androgenic effect, is well combined with other drugs. Main purpose: muscle gain, fat loss, control of cortisol levels. The drug helps to seal and prevents muscle atrophy during their diet.

It intervenes in a steroid cycle by blocking fermenta11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1, which converts cortisone into cortisol. As a result, the level of cortisol in the blood is reduced, start fat loss and increase muscle mass, which plays a key role in building a beautiful body. The drug will be extremely beneficial to bodybuilders who want to remove excess fatty tissue.

Adrenosterone – unmethylated connection, so no toxic effect on the liver. The range of recommended doses of prohormone is rather wide of 300 – 900 mg per day. The minimum and the safest dose is used for burning fat and maintaining muscle mass. In order to enhance the effect can be used in combination with other methylated steroids and prohormones. In this case, there is a significant build-up of muscle mass and strength.

The dose of 600 mg is for moderate muscle growth, but with more pronounced power indicators. What it is important for athletes. High dosages are intended exclusively for mass recruitment. Give a sizeable increase in muscle up to 5 kg per month with a moderate fat loss.

The drug is relatively rapidly excreted, so daily intake is better to split into two. Recommend starting with 100 mg twice a day, preferably after training, when there is a maximum level of cortisol.

To improve absorption, adrenosterone is best taken with food containing a small amount of fat. We do not recommend taking the drug at night, low cortisol levels affect sleep and inhibits the morning awakening.

Adrenosterone has low toxicity, in contrast to other hormones, and is suitable for prolonged use at low dosages adherence. The recommended duration is of 8-9 weeks. The higher is a dose of the drug – the shorter course. Because of the increasing of side effects risk.

Adrenosterone prohormones can suppress the production of testosterone, particularly in the long course and high doses. If there is a decrease in it, there is need to add an anti-estrogen Nolvadex 10 mg per day from the beginning of the course and continue for another 1-2 weeks after its completion.

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    My favourite tool ), always meet my expectations! Always works well for me…
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    This one really helped me to cut an extra weight and get in shape after this winter. Definitely recommended for ladies )

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