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Contents: Stanozolol 
Strength: 10 mg
Volume: 100 tabs 
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Stromba-10 (Stanozolol 10mg) Teragon Labs

Stanozolol (Stromba, by Teragon Labs) is one of the most popular anabolic steroids which is taken from dihydrotestosterone. This oral steroid does not aromatize because of its low androgenic activity. It also features a high anabolic activity which can help you see great performance gains with low side effects. Stromba 10 is an excellent choice for women looking for performance boost as well. Athletes who use Stromba can see a big increase when it comes to their performance at the gym, their overall power and strength as well as their ability to move blood through vascular improvements. Scientists have also considered stanazolol to be an estrogen and progesterone blocking medication making it a welcome addition to any testosterone cycle. Using Stromba with your cycle will ensure that you can reduce SHBG in your body and make sure that all of the steroids or performance-enhancing medication that you are taking has a better shot of making the greatest impact in your body. Stanozolol offers great benefits by itself as well as when included with other drugs.


The recommended dose for men is 50mg and there are 50 mg tabs available (Stromba 50). The recommended dose for women is 5 to 10 mg per day making these tabs the perfect size (Stromba 10).


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