Top 10 Bodybuilding Tips to Help You Get Started
. Set a goal.
. Start out with smaller weights and gradually move up to heavier weights as you become stronger.
. Make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet,

. Take an adequate amount of protein, about one gram per pound of body weight.
. Train with weights at least three times a week. 6. Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy

1- Make sure you are committed to the process.
2- Find a workout partner to help keep you accountable.
3- Evaluate your diet and make the necessary changes needed to get maximum results.
4- Get plenty of rest when training for bodybuilding competitions or if you are trying to achieve maximum results in less time.
5- When training, don’t cut corners. Instead, focus on getting better at each set so that you can improve yours

1- Stop Making Excuses.
2- Commit to the Right Diet.
3- Lift Heavy!
4- Focus on Your Sticking Points.
5- Keep Moving.
6- Know What to Eat After a Workout.
7- Take Advantage of Your Spare Time.
8- Patience is Key!
9- Stay Consistent!? ?10- Don’t Give Up! \ *

remember that,
1- Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not a hobby.
2- Set your goals.
3- Find a workout plan that will help you achieve your goals.
4- Stick to the plan.
5- Use proper nutrition.
6- Track your progress daily.
7- Get plenty of rest and sleep.
8- Listen to yourself and know when to take a break from exercise.


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