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Ornithine and Arginine

Ornithine and Arginine
Ornithine and Arginine

Ornithine and arginine are two important amino acids that stimulate the synthesis of pituitary growth hormone in humans. These amino acids can help you achieve tremendous success as somatotropin (growth hormone), the production of which is increased when ornithine and arginine are present in the body, is the key to the restoration and rejuvenation of the body. That is why ornithine and arginine are important components of popular dietary supplements. With the help of dietary supplements that are based on these amino acids, you can lose weight quickly, strengthen your immune system, improve tissue regeneration, and lower the level of concentration of harmful substances in the blood.

The beneficial amino acids ornithine and arginine, the properties of which are truly unique, act as synergists when dealing with trace elements in humans, as well as with some B and C vitamins. In addition, the synthesis of nitric oxide (American scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for the study of its properties) is directly dependent on the concentration of arginine.

With aging, the synthesis of somatotropin is reduced as you grow older. And by the age of fifty, the production of growth hormone is almost stopped. In order to avoid this, you can benefit from a dietary supplement, which contains ornithine and arginine. They help normalize the biosynthesis, which will contribute to the rejuvenation of the body. It is also worth mentioning that ornithine and arginine are closely related amino acids, which are able to move from one form to another. This means that the production of arginine will be increased along with the synthesis of ornithine.

Why do we start to get sick more with aging? Why does the immune system get weaker? The reason is because the production of amino acids is decreased. Indeed, alpha-arginine is less synthesized with aging, resulting in the weakened immune system and possible development of dreaded diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, collagenosis, etc. Also, the deficiency of arginine in the body may cause diabetes, as this amino acid stimulates the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone, which burns sugar and transforms it into glycogen. Therefore, a moderate dose of arginine can contribute to the restoration of the human body.

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